The Story Behind Jehu Rider

I love the story of Jehu.

Jehu was a commander who was anointed king and commissioned to be an unlikely champion to Israel.

He was a fearless warrior, who would ride into the heat of battle with ferocious fervor. Jehu had faith in what was spoken over him and to him; and the faith that it would all come to pass. Even as a commander to a pagan king, Jehu held the faith that God was on his side, and that because of this he would be victorious over his enemies.

On the day Jehu rode against the king who had rebelled against God, the Bible says that he rode like a wild man towards the palace gates. Never faltering, never stopping. Every time I have read this story, the same impression always came to mind: Jehu rode with “reckless abandonment.” And, it was his faith that drove him there. My spiritual journey for the last several years has encompassed this attitude. When it comes to pursuing God, I want to pursue Him with reckless abandonment.

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