The Story of Jehu

The idea behind “Jehu Rider” is actually pretty simple, but far from boring!

Jehu was a commander, turned king in the Bible, who fiercely pursued the destruction of Ahab’s heirs, his family, and those that allied with him.  Ahab was a dark hearted man with ill intent and desires.  Though a king of Israel, he worshiped idols and was notoriously known for the murder of Naboth, a man who refused to give up an inherited piece of land to the king. The greed of Ahab and his wife over the land would turn out to be the fast track to their undoing. The first being met with Ahab’s untimely death from a mortal wound in battle. Ahab’s wife’s death would soon follow.

Jehu was an unlikely champion for Israel. Commander of Jehoram’s (Ahab’s son and now king) army, Jehu was bound to the will of the king. But Jehoram, following in the steps of his father, was just as evil and disliked in the land. A messenger was sent to the enemy camp by the prophet Elisha, where he requested a private audience with Jehu. There, on behalf Elisha and in accordance to instruction given by God, the messenger anointed Jehu king and before fleeing, commissioned him to destroy the blood line of Ahab and his allies.

In 2 Kings 9:16-29, the Bible chronicles the events that immediately followed Jehu’s commission. Supported by his men to end King Jehoram’s rule and bloodline, Jehu rode out to the king’s palace. Jehu, as the commander, was known for his reckless way of chariot driving. He rode with ferocity toward his enemies.

As he rode out to the king’s palace, along the way, he encountered scouts sent behind the palace gates to meet him. Each time, an ultimatum was spoken to the scouts, and none would return to the palace with reasoning for Jehu’s approach. As he got closer, all upon the gates realized that it was Jehu because of the way he rode out towards them.

Jehoram would eventually leave the safety of the palace to ride out and meet Jehu only to discover his true intentions. Jehu would go on to kill both Jehoram as well as his ally, King Ahaziah. After the death of Jehoram, Jehu would reach the city where he ordered the death of Jezebel, Ahab’s wife, fulfilling a prophecy spoken long before by the prophet Elijah.

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