To That One Person Out There

There’s a young Christian spoken-word artist, that once walked out on a stage and simply said, “To that one person out there at the end of their rope — that rope doesn’t dictate the prospect of your hope.” I find myself recalling that single piece of wisdom to mind on just about a daily basis.  The struggle is real, but so is hope.

I love you. I love you like the sky loves the rain.  Like the mountains love the oceans.  Like the rivers love the sea.

I love you.

I love you like I love my friends. I love you like I love my family. I love you like I love my enemies. Oh, don’t worry, trust me, I truly love them, too.  It’s not naiveness that I write these words.  Honestly, I can’t tell you why. If I could, God wouldn’t be a mystery. This journey, we call humanity, is so beautiful yet dark, messy and yet perfect… but if all of it made sense, then none of it would matter.  But it doesn’t make sense, and so it does matter. And, so do you.

To that one person out there that feels like they have lost hope, please read my words and take it as truth — I love you.  I’ve been there. I am there. But, in my darkest hours, I still feel God’s love and grace pulling at me. Showering over me.  Covering me. It’s in that, that I go to bed every night thanking God I made it through the day, and wake up every morning thanking God He gave me another.  With hope comes joy in the morning. With every tear that streams down my face at night, I lay my head down in anticipation with the knowledge of that promise.

I love you.

And, if you have lived a life I’ve lived, you’d see the conundrum in the statement. I’ve laid in the darkest pit, and hung from the tallest tree.  I’ve been strangled by the words from my own mouth that has passed judgement, condemnation, lies and disbelief.  Like Paul, I was the perfect hypocrite.  And, I can say I love you, simply because He first loved me. And, if Jesus could love me, then how could I not love another?

I love the degenerate, because I was once a degenerate. I love the liar, because I was once a liar. I love the thief, because I was once a thief. So how much greater is Jesus’ love for us? The Bible says that He went to the cross, inheriting every sin, so that it could be conquered. So that redemption could be had.  Think about it.  He took in every sin on the cross, and as He drew His last breadth and died, He took sin with Him.  As the final beats of His heart faded away, so did the drums of sin that pound away at our flesh and mind and soul and spirit. He took it all away.

Condemnation. Hopelessness. Loneliness. Despair. All of it conquered by an act of love for you, and for me.

Every dream you once had, you still have.  Every sense of hope you once had, is still there.  All of it.  It’s simply waiting for you to unlock its doors so that it can burst forth with a life full of love and joy.  It’s been bought and paid for, and done out of love.

Belief is enough, even when every fiber of disbelief in your being says otherwise. I love you because He first loved me. I have hope, because He first had hope in us.  So much so, He gave His life so we could live. My life is not my own, and neither is yours. It starts with belief and ends with redemption.

To that one person out there, that’s reading these words. Jesus loves you, and so do I.

He is alive and well, and all hope is in Him.

I love you.

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